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Why Vote for Maggie?

Maggie believes that everyone in the community should have a voice. In Greene County there is a serious disconnect between those whom vote, and those impacted by our votes. The turn-out for local elections is extremely low. Improving voter turn-out is a priority to Maggie. She believes there are many ways voter participation can be improved in our community. 

  • The first step is to begin a wide-spread voter registration drive, reaching out to those whom have never been reached before. Springfield is home to 50,000 college students that contribute to our community in a substantial way. Providing these students with representation through the vote is important. 
  • Many seniors and disabled community members have been unable to participate in elections due to the relocation of polling places and misinformation about voting requirements. Providing clear information, and mobilizing volunteer transportation and absentee ballot education for ALL citizens to participate in every election is a top priority. Early voting should be allowed. 
  • When speaking to community members who have not participated in recent local elections, the reasons are often similar. Many people feel uninformed about the issues or candidates, and do not feel properly prepared to vote. Providing neutral and concise information about each issue and candidate before every election through public announcements should be a responsibility of the Clerk. Voter suppression is not acceptable.
  • The County Clerk's role is to operate in a nonpartisan manner. As the Executive Director of a nonpartisan organization that promotes civic education, Maggie understands the importance of working with people of all political viewpoints. She believes that it is her civic duty to insure each person has a seat at the table. 
  • The office of County Clerk oversees more than just Voter Registration and Elections. The Clerk acts as a liaison between the Assessor's and Collector's offices. When citizens have concerns about assessments, their voices can be heard through the appeals process. The County's Archives are also maintained though a division of the Clerk's office. Other licenses are obtained through the Clerk's office, including Notary Public. The Clerk also oversees the payroll and pension of the County employees. This is an elected position, but make no mistake. This position should never be held by a politician. This is a job that requires a great deal of hard work, long hours, and service to the community. This should not be a stepping stone for someone who has made his career from running for office.