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Family Life

Meet Sheldon Cooper and Heidi. Sheldon is the youngest member of Maggie's family, and certainly the most spoiled. Heidi has been Maggie's best friend for eleven years now, and has helped raise all four of the boys! The boys often argue about who the favorite child is. (Everyone knows that it is Heidi.) Maggie is the oldest sibling, with two sisters and two brothers. When she was 13 she met the man who would become her step-father. He taught her to drive, he helped develop her work ethic, and he fed her love of sports and politics. After decades of serving as her dad, he legally adopted her in 2017. Though some might think the need for legal adoption in middle age is unnecessary, Maggie believes that family is always important. The day she was adopted was as joyful as the day her sons were born. Watching her grown sons starting their own families, finishing college, and choosing careers is another milestone that is bringing much happiness to Maggie's life. Awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild in September is very exciting! Like all families, Maggie and Scott's life is busy and chaotic. Some days the younger boys fight like brothers do. There is nothing that Maggie would change about any part of her family, though. She rather likes her big, beautiful chaotic life.